Free websites

Free?  Really?

Free baby!   Well…       sorta kinda 🙂

The free website is recommended for the beginner/ student to get their feet wet before diving in.  You can test some different platforms and see how they work. Learn some of their quirks and flaws before spending your money.

There are several good freebie sites out there, but I recommend just 2.

    1. – easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Go to their site and register an account.  Then start playing around.  You’ll see how easy or hard it is, and you’ll understand what it means to have a “free” website. These are beautiful websites that anybody can build.
      > Here is a Wix site I built in very short time for a simple need:
      As you can see, a Wix ad is on the top and on the bottom of the site.  Additionally, I bought a domain name to use with the site, so it is not totally free.  Otherwise, the domain name is  You can hover over the menu and see the real domain name and pages.
          We can help build your Wix site if needed.


  1. – learning curve. Now you can try building a WordPress site.  This highly popular and highly functional platform is super-duper.  WordPress is our weapon of choice.